Can I get Power BI on my Mac? [NOSOTROS CONTESTAMOS]

Microsoft Power BI, an enterprise software that allows users create reports, charts and visualizations of their data using Microsoft Power BI. BI users have the ability to share their data and make annotations with this software.

Although it may look similar to spreadsheet apps, users do not need to create spreadsheets. Windows Power BI Pro is $9.99 per year, and Windows Power BI Free can be downloaded.

Is Power BI now available on Mac

Power BI Mac is not available for Apple laptops or desktops. Users can't download BI for Mac platforms. On the Power BI forum, users requested that Microsoft provide a Mac-compatible BI installation. As follows is the reply from a Power BI Program Manager:

Although we aren't planning to make Power BI Desktop available on Mac, in the future, Power BI Desktop authoring will be more accessible to web users. Parallels or are good options for Power BI Desktop.

Parallels virtualization software can be used to run Power BI from Mac. Boot Camp Assistant can be used to install Windows platforms onto MacBooks and iMacs made after 2012. Users will be required to install 64-bit Windows 10 ISO on their Apple Mac.

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The next step is to set up Windows 10 on a USB 16GB storage drive. The article below provides more information on installing Windows 10 on Mac.

Power BI for Apple devices is however available. Apple iPhone users and iPad users have the ability to use Power BI on their tablets and mobiles. The application can be downloaded from the users' smartphones and tablets. App Store page .

The power of Power BI is a valuable tool for sharing and displaying data. It's not surprising, then that Microsoft doesn't plan to release BI on Apple Macs. Apple users that really require BI may still be able to add Windows to the MacBooks, or make use of the software.


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