'Cannot Authenticate Pokémon Go' - Effective Solution

The app has become a hit with thousands of people around the world. And perhaps, due to the strong demand and constant system updates, there have appeared several problems such as Pokémon Go is not compatible, AR camera problems or bugs like the problem when authenticating Pokémon Go and not being able to.

However, the Niantic platform works on finding solutions for this problem. Since the release of this game, the problem has been apparent. It has also been reported by trainers via the Niantic platform.

This point is so fascinating that players often find it frustrating to think about, and he was given. banned from accessing Pokémon Go.

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It should be noted that the only way that access to this game is prevented, is that the system determines that the user has incurred in errors such as: falsifying locations, making use of unauthorized software to access the Pokémon Go platform, among others.

The appeal can be accessed by the user via the Official website of the Nancitic.

This can be influenced by many things error when authenticating Pokémon GoFor example, if you have created an account for accessing the Nintendo trainer club via the Nintendo platform, there is a collapse in access to Google servers due to high demand from players and problems with mobile data.

Possible problems in Pokémon GO authentication

Many details were discovered during authentication. For example, there was the phenomenon of saturation that resulted from the entry of thousands upon thousands of players in the period of Log in to the appPerhaps a modification to the password you used initially, if necessary You can delete your passwords and create a new one.

You may get an error message if there is a server failure in your vicinity.

Softban can sometimes be generated. This is not confirmed, but it happens when the game is being used in vehicular traffic. You just need to wait for a few more days.

The version of the operating system of your computer is another reason that affects the correct use of Pokémon Go. High player activity can cause login or server failures. Therefore, it's important to be patient and not quit the game.

There are times when the internet connection fails, such as slow speed or WiFi network failures. Also, the internet connection can sometimes fail due to slowness or WiFi networks. Niantic does some investigation into suspicious accounts Many users have been affected by this, and it is highly recommended that you contact Niantic.

Effective solution to authenticate Pokémon GO

To fix the error message in the foreground try to log off. If you are working from your Android mobile device, then proceed. remove Pokémon Go permissions In your Google account settings, perform the installation.

There have been many instances when players have forgotten their Gmail addresses and tried to login with an incorrect Google account.

This is why it's recommended Any passwords you have used to access the system should be deleted Not used previously and prevents the game from incorrectly registering.

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A second solution could be Log out, then log back in through a provisional account to be created on the Pokémon Trainer Club link.

You will need to temporarily play and then resume your session via the Google account you previously used. While this does not allow for continuous play, it can be used to correct many incontinences.

The user can determine the compatibility between your device and the app. Niantic may support and/or assist you. According to the specifications, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C must use Android 4.4+.

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