Google Chrome Launches with a White Screen These 6 steps will fix it

On forums, some Chrome users stated that Google's flagship browser launched with a blank page. For those users, Chrome will display blank page tabs. There are no error messages displayed on the blank page tabs. Below are some solutions that users found to correct the Chrome whitescreen error.

These resolutions could be used to fix chrome white screen

1. Deactivate hardware acceleration

  1. Some Chrome users confirmed the Chrome white screen issue by turning off the hardware acceleration setting of their browser. Click the button below to do so. Google Chrome can be customized and controlled To open the main browser menu

  2. Please click on Configuration Click the link below to access the Snapshot tab

  3. Scroll to the Settings tab, and then click on Advance .

  4. Next activate the option Hardware acceleration is available You can activate the option

2. Clear Chrome cache

A corrupted cache may cause the Chrome blank screen issue. The browser can be fixed by clearing the cache. These are the instructions to follow.

  1. To open Clearing scan data, press Chrome Ctrl + Shift+ Delete

  2. Choose the Advanced tab

  3. Please select Every time In the drop-down menu

  4. Check the boxes Images cached , Cookies , Navigation history "Y" Automatefill .

  5. Then press the button Clear data .

3. Reset the browser

  1. Google Chrome can be reset to clear all browser data. It will also disable any third-party extensions that may have caused the blank Chrome screen. You can reset Chrome by clicking the button Google Chrome customization Choose and Configuration .

  2. Then press the button Advance .

  3. Scroll to the bottom for more information You can restore the original settings

  4. Simply click on the button Restore the configuration to its initial defaults .

  5. Select the desired option. Reset configuration .

4. Google Chrome shortcut edit

Users claim that Google Chrome doesn't display any URL bars or tabs when it opens on a blank screen. Users have found an easy solution to this problem: enter -disable–GPU at end of Chrome shortcut target. You can edit your Chrome shortcut target by following the below instructions.

  1. The first thing you need to do is make sure Google Chrome has closed.

  2. Select the Chrome desktop shortcut icon by right-clicking Properties .

  3. It is possible to select it by right-clicking Google Chrome from the Start menu. Continue reading> Open file location . Next, right-click Google Chrome's File Explorer window and choose Properties .

  4. Choose the Shortcut tab from the snap directly below

  5. As shown below, enter -disablegpu.

  6. Pick the appropriate option Please apply .

  7. Please click on Accept To close the window.

5. Reinstalling Google Chrome

Reinstalling Chrome is also possible. It's similar to restarting Chrome. The browser can be reinstalled to replace all Chrome files. This will ensure it's the most current version. You can uninstall Chrome completely with Advanced Uninstaller PRO. You can uninstall Chrome using Advanced Uninstaller.

  1. Just click on the button Take a free trial On the site of Software To access the Advanced Uninstaller wizard, Open the wizard software to install Advanced Uninstaller.

  2. Please click on Tools for general use> Reinstall all programs You can find the Advanced Uninstaller Window.

  3. Click the button and select Google Chrome Uninstall .

  4. Simply click on the button You can use the scanner leftovers Click on the button in the dialogue box. Yes

  5. Users can then choose to delete any files or registry entries that are not needed.

  6. Restart Windows after deleting Chrome.

  7. Please click on Get Chrome On the site of Software Click here to access the Chrome setup wizard. To reinstall Chrome, open the Chrome Installer.

6. Google+ accounts deleted

Users have shared that they've fixed blank Chrome browsers using Google+ profiles or accounts deleted. This can be done by users opening Use an alternative browser to log into your Google+ account. Click on the button to activate Google+. Then click on the button Google+ can be deleted To confirm. Restart Windows, then open Google Chrome.

These are just a few of the possible resolutions for Chrome to allow web pages to be displayed again. You can also share your fixes for the Chrome white screen problem using other resolutions.


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