How do I insert a GIF Image within Microsoft Word? How to add animated files

Microsoft Word is one of the most popular software programs for creating digital documents. It can be used to create text and modify them as needed. However, you also have the option of adding graphics and photos. We want you to learn this skill. In a Microsoft Word document, insert these GIFs. It's easy to join us.

Where can I find GIF images for my PC?

The first step to inserting an image into a word document is to Download the images to your computer. The web has many places to find them. We can list some of these:

Google images

This section of Google's main engine allows us to search for images from a large variety. Different formats like: JPG/PNG/GIFIt is easy to download and available for free.

These are the steps you need to follow in order to download GIFs from Google Images.

  • Start Google, and type the required information.
  • Click the image to enlarge
  • Click on Tools to see the image details. Finally, select Types for a GIF. This will allow you to only view this file type.
  • Select the GIF you want to save. Click the button at the top and choose Save as.

"". can be a GIFs Portal dedicated solely to collection It is one of the most widely used GIFs online. You can also make your own GIFs. These are thematically arranged to simplify the user's search. You can download it by following these steps:

  • Then, open the If you wish, you can sign up.
  • Choose the GIF.
  • Click and select the button located on the right side of this image Copy image address.
  • Copy the location of the image into a separate tab. Once the image is displayed, right click on it and select Save as. After that, name the file and hit OK.

What are some ways you can insert these images to your computer?

Word document templates allow for many different options. We can insert images to communicate more, convey our emotions, or add animation. There are many options available from the computer to accomplish this task. All we need to do is go to the Toolbar and select Insert. Then, click on Images to see all the choices. Search on the Web or upload from your computerFrom Drive, Photos via URL, or by simply taking a photo with the camera

Some of these will be explained below.

Use the Insert function

To add an image to your document, or a GIF Inserting a function into your website is easy. It can be accomplished in just five steps.

  1. Go to the toolbar by opening the document.
  2. Just click on InsertIf you have an image already saved to your computer, or if it is being downloaded from the internet, click on the Images icon.
  3. Select the desired image.
  4. Next you'll see the Insert Image Window where the file type must be selected. In this example, it is Graphic Interchange Format.
  5. Next, click insert.

Pasting and copying

An alternative way to insert the animated image into a Word document is to use the following: Copy and paste To do so, you can go to any website that offers it.

  1. You will need to open the webpage where you want the GIF.
  2. Click on the GIF that you wish to add to your document.
  3. Right click on the GIF preview to copy it and then select the option "Select" Copy the address.
  4. Open a new browser and type the address. After the image has been displayed hover over it and click the right button to save.
  5. After you've saved the GIF to your computer, insert the GIF into your document as described above.

How do I add GIF images to a URL within Microsoft Word

We explain exactly how to create a GIF from a URL.

    1. Go to the toolbar and click on insert tab. Then, scroll down to images. When the options list is complete, you can go to Images. Click on Via URL.


  1. The next window will appear where you can paste the URL address for the image we've already downloaded from Google image or
  2. After the code is entered,You can see a preview of your image, along with Insert and Cancel. Once you click Insert, the GIF will be in the Word document.

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