How to add two horizontal axes in Excel charts? Windows and Mac

Excel can be used to create tables, lists and groups of data. It also allows us to draw graphs with the data we enter into each cell. If the graph shows different numbers due to double- or mixed data it will be necessary to add These graphs have two horizontal axes.

Therefore, Add these horizontal axes It is easy to use the graphs by just following some simple steps. Take out those axes, if necessary At some point. This spreadsheet can be used to your advantage in both cases.

What kind of chart allows you to add 2 horizontal axes into this program?

Microsoft is always on top of its functions and provides more efficient options for its users. This makes it possible to create Excel charts using two horizontal axes. This is an alternative. Associate data for a secondary Axis This displays a mixture of graphs.

excel chart statistics

Microsoft Office 2016 (and later) gives you access to graphs. You can add the two horizontal axes, combine lines and columns to make it more precise. This is how rectangle, sunburst and histogram work. Office 2013 and all the other versions The most current versions.

How do you add horizontal axes to an Excel chart?

Excel is the Microsoft program that allows you to create Excel spreadsheets. Make graphs and tables to display the data you are interested Sometimes, two horizontal axes are necessary in order to understand a graph in the most straightforward and practical way possible.

This is when the graph shows a lot of variation. Some series can be plotted on a secondary line to show this. Change the scale of your series That is combined will generate a combined chart type. You can do this from either Windows or MacOS. We will show you how.


Incorporate two horizontal axes. Excel charts with Windows This is fast, easy and straightforward. Simply select the chart you wish to view, click Layout, and then choose the type of chart.

Select the Combined option once you have clicked it. It will then take you to a 'Grouped Column', which is the line that you wish to add to the secondary axis. You can now select the Secondary Axis and include any data that you wish to display. Select the row you wish to display, then click the OK button. Your chart should have two horizontal axes.

excel graph undulating axes

On MacOS systems

You have MacOS availableAfter you have chosen the chart, open Menu and click View. Next, select 'Print Layout. When you have selected the chart, click on View and then on 'Print Layout'. Click on "Chart Layout" to see the various options.

You can now choose to add an item to your chart by clicking on Axes. There you can also select from adding a Secondary horizontal or vertical axis. You can also add the title of your choosing to any axis after you have finished these steps. To add the second axis, follow the instructions. Next, click on the option "Axis titles" and enter the name or title you wish to use to identify the element.

How do I remove horizontal axes of Excel chart?

If the horizontal axes have been added in to your Excel Chart and want to Remove themYou have several options to help you remove them. Click on the chart to delete the secondary axis. You will see the charting tools, where you can add tabs and formats.

excel combo chart

Click on Layout and select Axes. Next, choose Secondary Horizontal Axis (or Secondary Vertical Axis) and click on No. Doing this is another quick and easy way to get rid of the axes. Select the axis to be deleted by clicking here Click Delete, or click on the right-clicked axis to delete.

If you've added the second axis to your project and want it removed immediately, click Undo in the toolbar. Or press Control plus the Z key, as shown below. The axis will be immediately deleted You just built an axis.

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