How to turn 10K into 100K

How to turn 10k into 100k

Although it is wonderful to earn more through work raises or increased hours, there are also opportunities for greater returns. You will usually need some risk to grow your wealth. Here are ways you can turn $10,000 into $100,000.

A small inheritance, or a raise at work could give you $10,000. It's crucial to remain realistic. Wherever your money comes from, don’t expect to turn your 10K into 100K overnight, or even in a few months.

Let's now get to the details.

Tips to help you turn 10K into 100,000

There are many ways that you can increase your investments' value, regardless of whether it is through growth on the stock exchange or entrepreneurship.

Investment returns are not instantaneous. Even if you know someone who supposedly made a 100% or even 1,000% return on cryptocurrency, that’s not a typical result.

Scammers will try to convince you to give them your cash. If someone promises to turn your 10K into 100K in quick fashion, don’t fall for it.

Typically, you won’t see results super-fast when investing. Watch out for phrases like “sure thing” or an investment that will make you “instantly rich.”

It’s possible to turn 10K into 100K, but assets need time to appreciate. Keep this in mind.

Let’s look at one tried-and-true way of multiplying your assets: retirement accounts.

How to invest in retirement accounts and turn 10K into $100K

While it may not be glamorous, retirement accounts can help you increase your net worth. Your 401(k), or IRA, can take you from 10K to 100K in a few years.

IRAs or Roth IRAs

You can make tax-advantaged investments with Individual Retirement Arrangements. Check the Disclaimer Limits on maximum contributions before you get started.

IRAs are meant for retirement, so you won’t be able to withdraw the money until age 59.5 without penalties. This means that your contributions can grow for decades! Depending on your situation, you may also be able open more than one IRA.

You may be able to deduct the tax if you use a traditional IRA for 10K conversions into 100K. You pay tax on your contributions, but not on the qualified distributions when a Roth IRA is used. An additional choice is a SEP IRA, which may be suitable for individuals who work from home.

Whatever type of IRA you choose, there’s usually a tax benefit in addition to the long-term growth of the balance in the IRA.


Similar to an IRA or Roth IRA the 401k is a great option to help you turn 10K into $100K. Again, this is a long-term investment, so don’t expect to multiply your money by 10 in just a few years.

As a way to save money for retirement, many employers provide a 401k plan. These plans allow you to defer your salary and make contributions to the 401 (k) plan.

A 403(b) works in the same way as the 401 (k). You can make voluntary contributions to your 403(b), retirement account from your salary. Many employers offer 403(b), which are available to employees at hospitals and public schools as well as churches.

Put $10,000 into your 403 (b), 401 (k), or similar retirement account to allow it grow. You should always check the Guidelines for first contributions.

Here are some examples of 401(k), growth

Although it’s impossible to say exactly how fast your $10,000 could become $100,000 in a retirement account, the “Rule of 72” Here's an example. Divide 72 by the expected rate of return for your investment, and the result is how many years it’ll take to double your money.

Consider this: If your 401k earns 7% per year, 72 divided by 7, equals 10.29. This means it’ll take roughly ten years for your money to double.

Let's do some quick math to find out how much your $10,000 will be worth after a set number of years.

  • 10 years: $20,000
  • 20 years: $40,000
  • 30 years: $80,000
  • 40 years: $160,000

This simple example shows that your $10,000 would reach the $100,000 mark in between 30-40 years. If your rate of return is higher than 7%, it will take longer to reach $100,000.

(And of course, the “rule of 72” is a guideline, not a guarantee. It’s just supposed to give an idea of how fast your money will multiply.)

Invest in stocks

Now, let’s talk about stock market investing. Although 401(k)s are invested in the stock market, they’re also specific retirement accounts. Stocks can be invested outside the employer-sponsored accounts.

Index funds

When you invest in index funds, you’re actually putting your money into a “basket” of securities like stocks or bonds. The goal of any fund that you choose is to You can mimic returns from a particular market index. like the S&P 500 or Russell 2000 Index.

Because index funds allow you to invest in a wide range of stocks, they are attractive to investors. You get fairly painless diversification, meaning you’re not putting all your eggs in one basket. Plus, you don’t need a huge amount of deep stock market knowledge to successfully invest in them.


ETFs are another way to make 10K into 100K. ETFs or exchange-traded mutual funds are also baskets. ETFs are similar to index funds and help investors get diversification, strong returns, and over time, they can also be used as a way for them to make money.

While there are some key differences in ETFs and index funds, they can both be used to help grow your fund. ETFs are often easier to trade and have a lower minimum buy requirement.

It is possible to continue investing your money in ETFs as well as index funds if you have some. Rather than attempting to “time the market” by buying low and selling high, long-term investing means continually buying and letting your investment sit and grow.

Dividend stocks

If you’re interested in a regular source of cash flow on top of the future returns you’d make in the stock market, dividend investing is a way to go. Dividend investing involves buying shares of companies which pay dividends, or distributions from company profits.

Dividend investing offers more benefits than regular stock investments. In addition to the value of your stocks growing (hopefully) over time, you’ll earn regular payments based on how many shares you own.

Dividends are many times paid on a quarterly basis, and they’re based on the profits the company has made. Dividends are paid out more often if a company is performing well.

If using dividend stocks to help turn 10K into 100K, remember that it shouldn’t be your only tactic. You can balance your portfolio by using other investments. Dividends are an effective part but not your only strategy.

Remember that dividends can increase your taxable earnings, except for certain qualified dividends. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great means of adding passive income to your overall financial picture.

How to convert 10K in other funds into 100K

We should now look at other methods of increasing your investment. While you can make 10K to 100K by making large moves such as purchasing a rental home, there are other ways that you can grow your investments.

You can invest in rental properties

Although renting property is a great way to boost your net worth and income, it also comes with a lot of risk. To turn 10K into 100K with rental property, you’ll need patience and a commitment to run your rental as its own business.

Let’s talk about the benefits of owning real estate as an investment (not your primary residence).

One, property is a great way to generate recurring income and a big return years later. Real estate also is a good way to diversify so that all your assets aren’t in the stock market.

Renting property is also risky. Before you purchase, do extensive research about the area. Make sure you take time to vet and locate potential renters.

You might have to pay legal fees to get them out. Tenants may trash your place and refuse to pay rent. Additionally, repairs to apartments and houses are always necessary, which can be costly.

With $10,000, however, you might be able make the first down payment for a modest rental property. Besides making a steady income, you also have an asset that’s likely to appreciate in value (though not guaranteed).

You can sell your rental property at a huge profit if you keep it for 10-20, 20 or 30 years.


I don’t know about you, but buying an actual rental property sounds like a bit too much hassle right now. There’s the worry over whether you’ll find suitable renters, concerns about broken plumbing and roof repairs, and the added work of insuring and maintaining a property. However, real estate investment trusts are more at my speed.

Real estate may appeal to you and it is possible that you are interested in investing in real estate. REITs are a great alternative to being landlord. They’re more of an actual passive investment than buying property but can still yield great returns.

As an REIT investor, there is less risk involved than investing in physical property. You can also earn dividends. If you are interested in learning more about the real estate markets before renting out property, REITs can help.


If you’re extra conservative with your money and want to ensure its safekeeping, a Certificate of Deposit (CD) can work. Although there’s no way to quickly turn 10K into 100K using CDs alone, they can be a place to stash money for a guaranteed return.

You can enjoy the guaranteed interest rate of a CD if you deposit a certain amount and then leave it alone for a specified time. The bank or financial institution can use the money you’ve deposited, but they promise to return the money plus interest at the end of the CD term.

However, CDs' rates of return will differ and can be much lower that stocks or index funds. Investopedia Noted CD rates are rising after the Federal Reserve rate hike. One-year CD rates rose to 2.55%, and six-month CD rates were at 3.01%.

Now, CDs won’t cause your money to jump drastically in value. A handy calculator is available. Similar to this article For expected returns

At the 2.55% Annual Percentage Rate, $10,000 will only be worth $10255 after one year. The 10K would have a value of $12,863 if it was kept in the same way for ten consecutive years. This is not an insignificant growth rate, but the value of your 10K would be less than a doubling.

However, CDs do offer the appeal of security, since your money won’t lose value. If you’re okay with slower growth in CDs, they can be an appropriate place to keep a portion of your funds.


You can also invest your $10,000 in bonds by investing. The U.S. government offers savings bonds that can help your money grow in a secure manner.

Maybe you've heard about it recently. Series I Bonds. Individuals can buy I bonds up to $10,000 per calendar year. This rate lasts for 6 months. After that, the rate will be recalculated.

Make sure you understand the terms and conditions before you purchase bonds. To avoid penalty charges, how long do you have to hold your deposit? What’s the guaranteed rate of return?

While Purchase of bonds While it may not grow your wealth quickly, bonds can help you to protect yourself from losses caused by riskier investments. Also, bonds can provide predictable revenue streams.

How to make your money more by investing in yourself

The next step is to consider how you can turn your 10K into 100K simply by investing in yourself. That’s right—you are actually a great investment, too! Here’s what I mean.

Be cautious about get-rich-quick schemes

Before diving into a scheme that promises to help you “invest in yourself,” do your homework. There are many scammers out there looking for your money but offering nothing in return.

Beware of get-rich-quick plans and companies that promise to make you rich quickly. You may be required to purchase a lot of inventory, which you will then have to sell in order to make money. Oftentimes, these types of “businesses” are nothing more than pyramid schemes.

When I say invest in yourself I am referring to using your genuine skills and interests for building your net worth. These are just a few ways you can do it.

Through education, you can turn 10K into 100K

Although you wouldn’t want to go back to school without a clear plan, education can be a gateway to a better life. It’s not exaggerating to say that spending $10,000—for the right educational opportunity—could very well make you $100,000 within a year or two.

Even if you don’t have all the money right now to pay for your education, student loans can help you in the meantime.

Keep in mind that some educational programs and colleges aren’t worth the money. Is it possible to spend reasonable amounts on training or education in order to obtain a better job?

You might have just started college, but need to earn a few more credits before you can graduate. You may need to continue your professional growth in order to be eligible for a job in your field.

Think carefully about whether there’s a different career path that could be more fulfilling and more financially rewarding. You can be certain that your investment in education will pay off.

To start, the can search for salary information on the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook. Ask people in the same job field about the salary, career satisfaction, and education requirements.

By starting your own business, you can turn 10K to 100K

If education doesn’t sound like the right path for you, maybe you’re more of an entrepreneurial type. Start a new business if you are passionate about something that can legitimately make money.

Many side businesses or small business ventures can be started with very little investment.

Whether you’ve been mulling over the perfect small business for years or are just now beginning to dream about it, get serious! You have some skills that others just don’t, and you deserve to make money from those skills.

You can open a small business without spending any money. Nothing is more valuable than your efforts and time. You should think about whether you can take $1,000 to $10,000 and make it work through your business plan.

Your business could be considered a side-hustle that you are able to do while looking for work or between jobs.

You could make it your full-time business. This is worth not only the money you’ll earn for the years to come but the added job satisfaction of starting your own business and watching it grow.

Ideas for business

You can increase your earnings by starting a business if you have 10k spare. You should think about what interests you and not just how profitable.

There are many online options, such as opening an Etsy Store or starting a blog. Selling cakes and other desserts or starting a dog-walking business are some options. More ideas are available in the business ideas article for women.

How to make 10K into 100K by investing over the long-term

Don't forget that $10,000 is a good starting money. It’s important to safeguard your funds, but don’t be so afraid of the risk that you miss out on potentially great returns on an investment.

You can make 10K to 100K, regardless of whether you are contributing directly to your retirement plan or investing in real estate and starting a company. You should focus on the long-term effects of any investment that you make.

Clever Girl Finance can help you earn more and be successful no matter which way you decide to invest your money. Take a look at our complimentary financial courses.

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