It's easy: Get the Windows 10 Quick User Guide

Microsoft released the Quick User Guide along with Windows 10 Technical Preview. This guide helps you understand Windows 10 and how it will appear after release. Follow the below instructions to find out how you can download the Windows 10 Quick User Guide.

Windows 10 Technical Preview User Guide will cover two major stages of Windows 10. These are the Windows Insider Program that can help you obtain all future versions, and the Windows Technical Preview Guide that will teach you everything about the new operating system Microsoft offers.

How to get Windows 10 Quick User Guide?

These are the steps you need to follow in order to get the Windows 10 user's guide.

  1. Navigate to the Desktop function in your Windows Operating System.

  2. Double-click (left click) the icon for the Internet browser that you're using

    Note: Although this tutorial has been created specifically for Mozilla Firefox it can be used with any browser.

  3. You will now need to click on or tap the link below

  4. Once you have accessed the link, the quick user manual should be in front of your eyes. However, to get it, click/tap the Download button, located at top-right of Mozilla Firefox.

  5. You will now need to click the "Save File” button in the next window.

  6. Click on "OK" or left-click to begin.

  7. You will now be able to view the Windows 10 Technical preview guide by left-clicking or tapping on the downward-pointing arrow found at the top of Mozilla Firefox.

  8. Right-click on User Guide and tap or left-click on the function "Open folder with"

  9. The folder containing the file should be in front you.

  10. Double-click the file or tap it to open. Then you'll be able to learn all there is about Windows 10.

However, you can download Windows Quick User Guides from different sources. Be careful. You may be able to access your personal data from many sites offering these user guides in various formats. It is strongly recommended that you only download the Microsoft official site. PDF files can contain harmful information for your computer.

Here's a quick way to quickly download and get the Windows 10 Technical Preview User Guide. You can also contact us via the comments below if there are any other questions.

Not from the Editor This article was first published December 2014. It has been updated and rewritten for accuracy, completeness and freshness.

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