The best cheats for Pokémon Platinum for Drastic

Young and old alike have found video games to be a great way of having fun. You can transport yourself back to your childhood with video games. Most memorable moment in the game.

Such is the case of Pokémon Platinum, from the Nintendo company. These are just a few of the tricks that you can use to enjoy and play Pokemon Platinum. The classic gaming application. In turn, Pokemon cheats can be found to aid in your battles. It is easier than ever to get a video classic game. You don't need a console Many applications were created to look just like the old video games.

There are also emulators available that turn your device into an actual console. Drastic, the best Nintendo SD emulator is an example. With which you can play, and enjoy Pokémon Platinum, or Pokémon platinum Drastic, one of the most popular Video games from this franchise. You can also use so-called Pokemon Cheats. These codes can be used to locate rare candy or other special items. Known as evolutionary stones.

what code to use to get pokémons in Pokémon Platinum for Drastic?

Before we start with the list of cheats cheats cheats in Pokémon platinum or Pokémon platinum DrasticYou must ensure that both the Android emulator AND the videogame have been installed. You can verify this by following these steps.

which code to use to get pokémons in pokemon platinum

You must install Android at least 2.3.6 on your mobile device. You must have installed Drastic Application.

This is an Android emulator. Have the Pokémon Platinum or Pokémon Platinum Drastic ROM downloaded on your phone.

In order, to insert the Pokémon cheats that will help you to You can get many things. These include evolutionary stones and rare candy.

To install apps from unknown sources, you must enable the settings option. Other than the Play Store When all the tools are in, go into DraStic and open the Pokémon platinum or Pokémon platinum Drastic video game ROMs, and you're done.

After confirming that the installation and startup are accurate, we can move on to cheats. For the purpose, to get more pokémon, you can Choose from the following codes or Pokémon cheats shown:

Cheasts Pokemones.

  • Cheasts Swampert. 82FBD860AE242721.(313D2BCE9004E149)(B8C7D72F087B6595).
  • Cheats Gardevoir: 82FBD860AE242721.(313D2BCE9004 E149)(2BE7AED3B9751EC5).
  • Cheats Mawile: 82FBDD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E14 9FC8A82EA704658D9.
  • Cheats Electrike: 82FBD860AE2427260AE24272131313D2BCE9004 E1494E39C71B8B168004.
  • Poochyena: 82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E14999A5DB56D3F68AE7.
  • Mightyena: 82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E14937A90703F49DE0B4.
  • Hariteyama: 82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE900 4E14953D971FF007FAAEB.
  • Medicham: 82FBD860AE24272131313D2BCE9004E 14985B4AF9A41D7B768.
  • Sharpedo: 82FBD860AE24272131313D2BCE9004E 149C62B84580FC8B29A.
  • Salamence: 82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004 E149F683728DA1CB7A38.
  • Metagross 82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149E62FCE6B99A4823D.
  • Latias: 82FBD860AE24272131313D2BCE9004E14 9EA64214226D6E5A6.
  • Latios: 82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E14979870CB095729832.
  • Kyogre: 82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E1499EFEC4E6F24D5813.
  • Groudon: 82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149299CE04B43341CDD.
  • Rayquaza: 82FBD860AE242721313D2BCE9004E149C5946A0E65BE02B0.
  • BULBASAUR: C7715E5D4B03490C.
  • IVYSAUR:* AC386FDCE1057B11.
  • VENUSAUR* 6C0E650D9151DC36.
  • CHARIZARD* 5F4739E594A6717F.
  • SQUIRTLE* F18A71B3 474EF1FF -
  • WARTORTLE* 600C15C97A07635B.
  • BLASTOISE* 9DAC9AE70802D361.
  • PIDGEY* FB5B7B7B2ECB8F711B -
  • PIDGEOTTO* ED21FD834D34C446.
  • EKANS: 9746090A9B13D34A.
  • ARBOK* E8B3D4787DB12D1A.
  • PIKACHU* 76575913 837E7434.
  • RAICHU* 44DC4643 2E37823B.
  • NIDOQUEEN* A4115F36A58D2F6E.
  • NIDOKING* 83AF0E64308DCF7A.
  • VULPIX* E9243AE60707C461.
  • NINETALES* 8B104BC53BBB0554
  • MEOWTH* 4107EE5459F45AC6 -
  • PERSIAN* 574E9E9E37CF91E972.
  • GROWLITHE: 22B7647CF5951FC0 -
  • ABRA: 8EE626264B7FA5506A -
  • ALAKAZAM: A52F239F157183AA
  • GRAVELER: 33202BC84B640AB3
  • GOLEM: 981E56432032050C5C
  • GASTLY 5F526032B3FFFCE0
  • HAUNTER 973AB5D9C4DD3650
  • EA51AA85C39E59D4
  • HORSEA A4EBBAA472E72233
  • GYARADOS EA48F52876018F4F
  • LAPRAS 24-D3EE0E404F7B3D
  • DITTO 5FD5479B25F61E5C
  • EEVEE 6817CACBB372525546
  • ZAPDOS 9C30E2E2 1F157234
  • DRATINI 52F5EC2DDDD29409
  • DRAGONAIR F4BD50DA 1/B890A51
  • DRAGONITE - B67EB1994491FC62
  • MEWTWO 36221E6F164FED85
  • MEW 71E09BD117FDFD02
  • ARIADOS F50447946C4C5098
  • KINGDRA FB5F56E3F2427C25.
  • HOUNDOUR A99587CCA49BC248.
  • HOUNDOOM 7FCE2C2638425484
  • TYRANITAR D9A33817C2429A0C.
  • LUGIA E57F3F7864F944D.
  • HO-OH 92BB8BD9629E2D58.
  • DEWGONG* E4A84A01E8F5F70B.

With these codes or Pokémon cheats, you can get the pokemon that have already been specified. They are often searched for. They are the legendary The capture of these items can be very hard or difficult.

cheats to get items and objects in pokemon platinum

There are also codes and cheats that can be used to your advantage. All the pokemon and fill your pokédex in your Pokemon Platinum Drastic video game.

Pokémon Platinum cheats for Drastic to get items and objects

In this part you will find some codes or cheats for Pokémon platinum, Drastric or Pokémon platinum. You can use these codes to obtain certain items, such as The evolutionary stones and rare candy: which are: Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire, as well as, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, which have their special cheats.

Which will be useful to you when facing a Pokémon battle against a trainer or gym leader. If you want to make it simpler, you can just get more experience for your pokemon, and thus, get technical machines, poke balls and Pokémon cheats; for your Pokémon platinum Drastic or Pokémon platinum video game.

find pokemon with these cheats

You will find key objects and other items in it. Continue on to NEXT MISSION You can get passes and cheats to help you navigate the various regions. Also, obtain berries that I believe are most essential to have or to plant in particular locations.

There are many to choose from, including the Use the following codes and cheatsAlso called Pokemon cheats

  • ULTRABALL: 793221F6D9645D49
  • RESTORE ALL: BCD93AF9F4436194
  • MAX POTION: 96669328F72E751.
  • REVIVE HEB: C3E415F271CE7705
  • Rare CANDY 361E3586CD38BA79
  • ZREZA BERRY: 747465659FC5C8E8
  • ATANIA BERRY: 0A2D47C153499CD4
  • MELOC BERRY 3EA4076D97F18336
  • SAFRE BERRY - 90639036A19858FF
  • You can find the MT-01-32 at 5AC15E9E9E77A6E0ED
  • There are two options: the MT33-50 or the HM15325455AA59B848
  • SEARCH FOR OBJECTS 918426141905E6E0
  • RACEBIKE 35788F827206917A

It is important to clarify that this game will not be available on an Android emulator if you do not use the USA version. The English version is required, as well as that of the other languages. The 1.0 is identical. Because 1.1 may not be compatible with certain types of tricks.

These are the codes that you will be able obtain These items will appear in the emulator These are the following:

  • Cheats Pokémon Rare Candy Infinite Cheats: 82025840 0044

Codes for evolutionary stones:

  • Pokémon Cheats to get Infinite Water Stone: 82025840 0061.
  • Pokémon Cheats to get Infinite Fire Stone: 82025840 005F.
  • Pokémon Cheats to get Infinite Blade Stone: 82025840 0062.
  • Pokémon Cheats to get Infinite Thunder Stone: 82025840 0060.
  • Pokémon Cheats to get Infinite Sunstone: 82025840 005D.
  • Pokémon Cheats to get Infinite Moonstone: 82025840 005E.

Now it's time to take the next step. Code or Cheats Pokémon you need and enter it inside the game.

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